About Mozzen

Vod Solution

Our Streaming Content is Better!

Offering the most complete streaming experience our VOD solution will accept all major file types and deliver superior quality.

Make Money

Merchant Ready

Make money from your videos! Offer streaming or download content for rent or for sale. Mozzen is merchant ready complete with retail shopping cart included.

Video Portal

Got Video Get it up!

Build out a complete video portal for your business in minutes. Make your movies today - start your rental business tomorrow!

Advanced Quality Settings

Deliver content in multiple formats

Offer short clips or full length movies in Flash or progressive downloads. Mozzen allows for saving videos in unlimited playback quality and sizes.

Integrate With Your Site

Integrates with your site!

Need to add videos to your website or portal? No problem, Mozzen VOD can be integrated to your current member database.
[Contact us to find out more]

Unique Design

Easy Design Integration

Upload your own design or have our in-house designers create a unique customized look for your new VOD solution. Stock and custom players are available.

Administrator Features

1. Content Management

  • Movies Management - administrator can add, edit, view and delete movies
  • Category Management - administrator can add, edit and view all category description.
    On each category he can add, edit, view and delete movies, set country access and see user profile
  • Genres management - administrator can add, edit and delete the movie genres
  • Actors Management - administrator can add, edit, view and delete actors
  • Directors Management - administrator can add, edit, view and delete directors
  • Movie Comments Management - administrator can view, edit, moderate and delete the movie comments made by users
  • Frame Comments - administrator can view, edit, moderate and delete the frame comments made by users

2. Users

  • User Management - administrator can add, edit, view and delete users
  • Avatars Management - administrator can add and delete avatars
  • Users Report - displays statistics on: total users, active, unconfirmed, producers, administrators, user registered in the last 24 hours and 30 days. Administrator can add, edit, view and delete users

3. Payments

  • Packages Management - administrator can add and manage payment packages
  • Credit Transactions - displays transactions and option to sort by period of time

4. Movies Statistics

  • General Statistics - administrator can view a general statistic of all movies
  • Detailed Statistics - administrator can view a detailed statistic of movies

5. Edit Pages

  • Contact - administrator can edit contact page
  • Terms & Conditions - administrator can edit terms & conditions
  • Privacy policy - administrator can edit privacy policy

Member Features

  • Secure Signup - member signup, with account validation link sent instantly by e-mail
  • Forgot password - password recovery in case the member has lost his password
  • Profile customization - simple control panel where user can edit his private information
  • My Movies - list of movies bought by user and option to watch the movie
  • My Favorite Movies - list of users favorite movies and option to remove movies from list
  • My Transactions - list of user's transactions and credit used
  • Virtual wallet - user can buy credits that will be stored in a virtual wallet.
    Also the user can see his balance in any page and can add more credits using a secure method
  • Browse by category - option to browse the movie list by category
  • Browse by genre - option to browse the movie list by genre
  • Search - option to search for a specific movie

Our Solutions

  • BlinkoTV
  • tikilive
  • Mozzen
  • Realsafe
  • StreamingBASE
  • Kuleblu
  • CinaCHAT
  • Scenerecall
  • MonsterEncoder
  • Ehopii
  • Camwax
  • gobyt
  • BuzBit
  • EyePartner


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