Mozzen PRO Features

User features:

  • Register
  • Secure login
  • Password recovery in case the member forgot/lost the password
  • User account
    The users are able to:
    • View their profile and update it
    • View a movie if available credit allows it
    • Add a movie to favorites/delete it from favorite movies list
    • View a detailed list of favorite movies
    • View details of a movie (scene description, scene list)
    • View wallet and history
    • View favorite movies and scenes; movie details are displayed.
    • Buy payment packages
  • The user can browse movies from a main category (featured, bestsellers, new movies, top 20) or from other categories.
  • Movie description is provided, as well as description per scene, actors and directors. When clicking on an actor or director, movies in which the selected actor stares are listed. The user can view a certain scene.
  • A movie can be searched by director, a predefined keyword or by a keyword provided by user.
  • Movies from a certain studio can be selected.

Admin features:

  • Sites management:
    Edit sites
    • list current sites
    • add/remove available languages
    • aliases management(add, remove)
    • restore default templates
    • remove site

    Add new site
    • add new site
    • define domain aliases
  • Interface management:
    • edit templates
    • modify selected template, add new content
    • restore default template
    • add new images
    • add flv

    System Messages
    • edit system messages
    • provide message translation

    Image browser
  • Email & notifications
    Email templates
    • add new template and include specific tags from tag list
    • delete template
    • edit selected template

    Notification templates
    • edit notification and select another predefined template
    • add/delete notification
  • Content management
    • edit
         - movie status
         - name
         - released date
         - synopsis
         - studio
         - directors
         - category
         - cost
    • delete movie
    • add new movie
    • add new movie from monster encoder

    • list
         - list all categories
         - set/unset visible in the FrontEnd
         - organize subcategories for a selected category
         - edit category name and category description
    • organize main categories
    • organize movies in top 20

    • list directors
         - edit director name
         - delete director
         - set visible/invisible in the FrontEnd
    • add new director

    • list studios
         - edit studio name
         - edit studio revenue
    • delete selected studio
    • set visible/invisible in the FrontEnd

    • list keywords
         - edit keywords
         - provide translation if needed
         - select chapters related to keyword
         - set/unset as main keyword, it will appear in the searchbox from the FrontEnd
    • add new keyword
    • delete selected keyword
  • Payments Management
    Billing reports
    • display report from a selected date
    • view filtered reports per user

    Transactions history
    • display pay per minute transaction history
         - package name
         - allocated credit
         - actual cost

    Currencies listing
    • list currencies
         - edit currency details(name, rate, sign)
    • delete currency
    • add new currency

    Packages listing
    • list payment packages
         - edit package details
    • set as visible in the FrontEnd
  • Users management
    • user listing
         - edit users by level(regular members, admins, webmaster, studio, deleted members)
         - search for a specific user by user email or user id
    • add a new user

Our Solutions

  • BlinkoTV
  • tikilive
  • Mozzen
  • Realsafe
  • StreamingBASE
  • Kuleblu
  • CinaCHAT
  • Scenerecall
  • MonsterEncoder
  • Ehopii
  • Camwax
  • gobyt
  • BuzBit
  • EyePartner


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